Celebrating 10K Clients at High Point Market

October 25, 2021In SD BlogBy Rachel

Studio Designer has been the leading digital business platform in the trade for over three decades and we just hit the milestone of 10,000 clients! To mark this achievement, Fall 2021 High Point Market proved to be the perfect occasion to throw a 10K Party. We wanted to celebrate with the design professionals who have made it all possible.

10K Reasons to Love Studio Designer

The 10K Party was also a great opportunity to ask designers for the numerous reasons why they love Studio Designer and why it is important for their business. From Tom Stringer who values Studio Designer as a “powerful tool” to  Sean Anderson who considers the platform “Invaluable,” it was revelatory to understand just how much this design platform is important in so many different ways. Here is a sampling of the many “reasons” why people love Studio Designer.

Pandora’s Manor at High Point Market

Pandora's Manor in High Point, NC

Located in the heart of High Point, NC, Pandora’s Manor was an enchanting venue for Studio Designer’s 10K Party and it took place in the gorgeous outdoor tent and area behind the building. Events planner Tina ensured that the details of the party—including the décor, drinks, staff, and saxophonist—were all on point and designer guests enjoyed the beauty and atmosphere of Pandora Manor’s events space.

Studio Designer client and Circaphiles founder Genevieve Trousdale remarked, “When I stepped in the beautiful tent in the gardens of Pandora’s Manor, I felt immediately welcomed. Catching up with old friends in the design world and meeting several new designers was invigorating! Studio Designer captures the uber talents of the industry and does a really great job of enforcing the meaning of community.

Great Designer Guests

Attendees at the 10K Party were made up of designers from all over the country—including such notable talents as Ray Booth and Suzanne Kasler—and even new clients of Studio Designer who are looking to expand.

Designer Maria Tracy of Tracy Design Studio in Houston, Texas shared, “It was a delight to be able to attend Studio Designer’s 10K party. We were able to meet people that were using your program and were instrumental in giving us key information, as we are just starting to use it. It is always very disconcerting to have to step out of your comfort zone and totally change the way you are used to doing business. In addition, we got the Wow factor, when Ray Booth and other top designers made their appearance. We now feel confident to move forward.” The party allowed designers to meet other creative professionals, discover new design ideas, and even meet some heroes.

Studio Designer Loves Our Clients

During the party, Studio Designer CEO Keith Granet and other staff members shared their gratitude directly with the partygoers. They expressed to clients that they were grateful for their loyalty, how they always push them to be their best, how great it is for designers to share their success, their passion for the design industry, creativity, and commitment to elevating the entire trade.

Studio Designer client Matthew Kowles recently struck out on his own to establish his own design firm and shared, “I’m certainly proud to be one of Studio Designer’s 10K designers and l wish them all the best! Since starting my own design business in 2020, I take great comfort in using Studio Design for all my client purchasing. The system is watertight, easy to use, and my documents always look highly professional!”

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