2021 Trends: Cozy and Classic Luxury in the New Year

With 2020 finally in the rearview mirror, we can focus on what’s next— new and exciting luxury design trends for 2021! Let’s take a look at the work of some of our favorite designers, who are presenting fresh perspectives and innovative designs this year.



Raw wood beams and floors gives a room an instant feeling of warmth. Studio Designer user Gil Schafer is an award-winning architect and founder of G.P. Schafer Architect who creates classically lavish spaces like this one. Gil created an elegant and classic space with muted colors, and bold accents with rustic ceiling beams adding warmth and charm.


There is no doubt that 2021 trends emphasize comfortability and nostalgia. The world has been moving in the direction of romanticization of nature and a simpler life. Cottagecore exemplifies this movement and pulls the endearing trend into the spotlight. Joy Moyler, founder of Joy Moyler Interiors is a notable interior designer who brings a simple and sophisticated design that adds an exquisite touch to any space, by providing a mix of simple and bold patterns.


So far, 2021 designers are also favoring ocean hues and seashore tones. Victoria Hagan of Victoria Hagan Interiors is a Studio Designer user and an award-winning designer, and creates breathtaking and serene spaces. This spacious room created is the quintessence of coastal splendor. The light blue furniture, deep brown tables, and white walls give this space life.


Classic traditionalism is an ode to the past as vintage patterns and pieces establish a unique and orderly style. It’s a trend that incorporates vintage, modern, and classic pieces in a space. Studio Designer user Mark D. Sikes is a distinguished interior designer “known for all-American sensibilities and a fresh take on classical aesthetics.” The nostalgic feel of the space allows a homeowner to personalize such a design with family heirlooms.


Utilizing refurbished or vintage furniture is an ageless trick to make you feel right at home. Lollipop Interiors, based out of the United Kingdom upcycled vintage furniture and are a part of the House of Upcycling, which is the UK & Ireland’s leading authority on professional upcycling for interiors. The husband and wife team produce beautifully elegant pieces and add a personal touch, like one gold leg or side. Decorating with used or beautifully aged furniture can make a sophisticated space inviting and charming.


House plants have been a mainstay in interiors but the surging popularity of green decor in recent years shows no sign of slowing down. Short, tall, colorful, or billowy—house plants make the finest statement pieces. Studio Designer user Ken Fulk is a designer who believes in creating spaces of spectacular opulence and the use of plants (and even plant prints) is one way for him to brighten and organize a space. For more information on bringing plants into your design, read our post Plants: Breathing New Life Into Interiors.

Interior designers are elevating rooms with trendsetting styles like these— so this year invest your time in updating your design style with these trends. Consider opening up your space with light and airy colors that evoke the ocean, play up a room’s exposed beams, use exciting patterns and cozy furniture, enliven a space with plants, and the most important thing is satisfying your clients with your talent and creativity.

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