Beyond Conventional Storage

November 29, 2021|In Interior Designers, SD Blog|By Rachel

Storage is always a must in every household and always presents a practical challenge for all designers. The numerous ways designers can stray from the norm include hanging cookware, getting creative with shelves, or putting a twist on the traditional wardrobe, In this post, five designers beautifully demonstrate creative alternatives to conventional storage in a variety of spaces.

Design by Kevin Dumais

Founder Kevin Dumais of Dumais has reformulated residential homes from the city to the country, bringing elegance and personality to each project. This converted kitchen provides an alternate look to traditional shelving space. The ornamental gold piping lends glamour to the rustic room with ample shelf space for beautiful objects. This space is great inspiration for those looking to open up a room and seeking a substitute for standard cabinets.

Design by Kerry Joyce

Studio Designer client Kerry Joyce Associates, embraces unique design through attention to detail and has received numerous awards and recognition across multiple organizations and honors. This renovated Santa Monica kitchen showcases a sophisticated display of refined lines, materials, and textures. Hanging the pots and pans is a great way to save drawer space, the copper cookware serves as a decorative concept, the kitchen island is a great hidden shelf space.

Design by Pappas Miron

Studio Designer client Pappas Miron Design is an interior design firm based in Manhattan. Its founders, Alexandra Pappas and Tatyana Miron Ahlers, utilize one-of-a-kind furniture to create spaces that astonish. The design firm takes a personal approach with the client to bring character to each room. The duo designed a diverse yet modern Carnegie Hill-based home. They utilized this luxurious velvet wall texture to blend the closets seamlessly. The rectangular handles distinguish the veiled doors from the wall, a beautiful and practical space-saving trick.

Design by Brigette Romanek

Romanek Design Studio, best known for its contemporary designs, is one of Los Angeles’ most in-demand design firms, featured in notable publications like AD. Studio Designer client Brigette Romanek brings a modern perspective to all of her designs, especially this spirited Hampton home. The sleek, no-handle wardrobe is the ideal companion for this very stylish space. When using color and texture, it is essential to utilize some calming pieces.

Timothy Corrigan’s decorous design principles unite European style with California comforts. He is recognized and featured on notable television shows and in renowned publications. Timothy has been the only American designer honored by the French Heritage Society for his restoration of several national French landmarks. His technique is displayed in this elegantly crafted library. Not only are the bookshelves functional, but decorative as well. The wallpaper lining the bookshelves creates texture and focus, is eye catching, and a great way to add a personal touch for the client.

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