Connecting with our Community: Meg Toubourg, Marketing Executive

April 14, 2021In SD BlogBy Rachel

For Studio Designer’s Connecting with our Community webinar series, CEO Keith Granet interviewed top designers and brand leaders to share important lessons about design and marketing. He called upon longtime friend and colleague Meg Toubourg, a marketing executive from MetWorks who specializes in working with brands by using her “Marketing Intelligence” to coach them to success. With Keith, she is also a co-founder of Leaders of Design Council, and they both have had a front row seat to ideas and inspirations that keep the leaders and mentors in the design industry so successful.

Meg Touborg has worked with such top brands as Rose Tarlow, Waterworks, and Kate Spade and her interview focused on “Marketing in an uncertain world” to address the concerns of how to promote oneself in such a challenging business landscape. She remarked how blogging has changed into influencers but successful bloggers from a decade ago are now successful designers like Studio Designer users Mark Sikes and Paloma Contreras. Meg sees this era as an inflection point and a good opportunity to “think about the purpose of your firm.” She described the world “changing on a dime” and how vital it is to communicate the true value of design.

While she thinks the airwaves have gotten a bit too crowded, she has enjoyed the new video medium of communications and how technology has maintained important social connections. She does lament the vast decline of print media but noted that brands themselves are producing their own magazines like Schumacher. Meg also remarked on how much the trade is based on strong relationship-building and that soft sells are far more effective in maintaining business. She advised, “Use this opportunity to see how you can learn and innovate for the year.”

View the recording of the Meg Toubourg interview here, check out the full collection of Connecting with our Community webinars, or read a blog post about the entire series.

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