Green Trends in the Trade: How to Design with the Earth in Mind

With most of the world sequestered at home for longer than expected, everyone is thinking about ways to make their indoor living environments more comfortable, more multifunctional, and even healthier than ever before. An important organization is leading the charge for interior designers to design with the earth in mind is the Good Future Design Alliance. See how these five designers, four of whom are committed members of this alliance,  incorporate eco-friendly, health-conscious, and sustainable design practices into their projects.  

A great way to reduce your carbon footprint is to use reclaimed wood or recycled furniture


Robin Wilson is a lifestyle brand owner, interior designer, and author of “Clean Design: Wellness For Your Lifestyle.” She shares various ways to transform your home into a sustainable, recyclable, hypoallergenic, and non-toxic environment. Robin recognizes over 60 million people suffer from allergies or asthma and has made it her life’s mission to provide hypoallergenic and eco-healthy options to her consumers. Robin made a guest appearance on NBC News’ show Kathie Lee and Hoda. She shared some awesome tips and tricks for keeping your home clean. One that stood out was being conscious of your drapery fabric. If the fabric is cotton they are washable, meaning they last longer and stay fresh and clean.


Robin Wilson living room design


Tracey Stephens Interior Design is an award-winning kitchen and bath firm. With many years of expertise, Tracey practices the use of non-toxic materials to create comfortable, inviting, eye-catching, and functional kitchens and bathrooms. The firm suggests donating your old cabinets to charity, making sure your new cabinets are sourced responsibly without formaldehyde, and sorting demolition debris while recycling or reusing as much as possible. They also suggest utilizing non-toxic paint and being conscious of how your tile is made using recycled materials that are lead-free, amongst many other green-centered ideas. She believes that we are all responsible for our planet and it is critical to consider green design to keep our “air pure, our water clean, and our wildlife plentiful for many generations to come.”


Tracey Stephens kitchen design


Studio Designer user Aaron B Duke is an interior designer who thoroughly transforms your home to enhance the way you live, work, and play. During this time at home, there is a need for the reinvention of traditional spaces. Aaron can do just that by establishing each room to perfectly combine design, function, and emotion meant for you to relax, work, and enjoy your hobbies. Aaron’s action-oriented approach creates an environment where all is possible. He is open to working sustainably with his clients to use renewable resources, solar energy, and other similar practices.


Aaron Duke bedroom design

Studio Designer user Mead Quin has over two decades of experience in fine art and design. She leads her studio with a heartfelt approach and an artist’s eye. Mead’s goal is to create beautiful living spaces that inspire clients living to be serene. Her portfolio of clients includes Bay Area tech entrepreneurs and leading innovators, spanning from Marin County and Oakland to San Francisco and Atherton. She shared with California Home and Design magazine why she wants to design more sustainability, “Going green. People are caring more about how their home/life style affects the environment. I’m looking forward to finding ways to incorporate conscious choices for our planet in an aesthetically beautiful way.”



Mead Quin kitchen nook design


Studio Designer firm Kristi Will Interior Design has inspired spaces of extraordinary beauty for over twenty years in and around the Bay Area along with vacation homes throughout California, Aspen, and Hawaii. Kristi believes that every project has two clients; the homeowner and the home itself. Making sure the vendors, artists, subcontractors, and consultants have quality track records is of the utmost priority for Kristi Will Interior Design. As a member of the Good Future Design alliance, she opts to design in “perfect harmony with the home’s architecture and the surrounding environment.”



Kristi Will living room design

So remember to incorporate eco-friendly, health-conscious, and sustainable design practices into your projects. Be resourceful and specific about your materials and if you need advice check out our designers!

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