Living Coral: 2019 Color of the Year

December 7, 2018|In SD Blog|By Rachel

On December 5th PANTONE announced the selection of Living Coral as their 2019 Color of the Year, a vibrant hue found in nature described as “animating and life-affirming.” As the world’s leading authority on color standards, the PANTONE Color Institute selected this color after carefully considering worldwide cultural, artistic, and political conditions as well as style trends in music, technology, travel, and even social media.


Since 2000, PANTONE has made a great fanfare of announcing a yearly color as the selected shade has come to influence product design, fashion, and home décor trends. The color of the year also inspires artists and designers to break them out of their comfort zones with unexpected color directions. PANTONE believes that color “has always been an integral part of how a culture expresses the attitudes and emotions of the times.” For 2019, the PANTONE explained Living Coral’s appeal and versatility for designers and decorators:

“When used as a bold statement in settings and décor, Living Coral fosters immersive experiences such as pop-up installations and interactive spaces, tied to a playful spirit. As a color linked to tactility and human connection, PANTONE Living Coral in shag rugs, cozy blankets, and lush upholsteries create a warm, comforting, and nurturing feeling in the home. With its ebullient nature, PANTONE Living Coral adds a dramatic pop of color to any room setting whether in decorative accessories, tabletop, or on the wall.”

The magazine Fast Company praised Living Coral as a “very functional color that bridges the gap between our screens and real life.” They also noted that in a nice moment of synergy—Apple just released a new model of an iPhone offering this color choice without prior knowledge of PANTONE’s selection. It’s either a secret collaboration or clear confirmation that Living Color is indeed the perfect color of the zeitgeist. The magazine also gives credit to the company Airbnb who embraced coral as the company signature color with their major rebrand a few years ago. Check out The New York Times’s fabulous illustration about this new color.


PANTONE Color of the Year selections occur in December in order to give creative professionals advanced notice of the hue that will drive the following year’s fashion and design trends. Living Coral is a luminous and engaging color derived from an oceanic creature and also evokes nostalgia for the 1950s and 1960s when the color was popular in everything from lipstick to shiny cars.


Living Coral on the Vendor Portal

PANTONE selected Living Coral in large part due to its “comfort and positivity in simple color stories, but becomes more explorative and effervescent in patterns, textures, and even monochrome looks.” The color has a golden undertone lending warmth that flatters most skin types and complements so many colors that it can be regarded as a neutral. GQ magazine remarked that Living Coral takes trends into a “chiller, more therapeutic direction.”

Studio Designer’s Vendor Portal is a convenient place for users to find great design elements in the Living Coral color range. As an interior designer, stay ahead of the curve by showing your clients the signature new color of 2019. If clients are seeking an engaging design, on-trend palette, Living Coral is a great place to start.

All of the products featured in this post can be quickly added to your project by clicking on the Studio OneClick icon or by using Studio Capture. Click on the images to directly access the product pages.


Legendary fabric experts Kravet are official partners with PANTONE in promoting the 2019 color of the year. They pulled from their comprehensive catalog a selection of striking fabrics in a variety of complementary coral shades and varied patterns.


This gorgeous paisley heavyweight fabric is made from durable mercerized yarns and incorporates coral along with fuchsia in the pattern. Anichini Fabrics reinterpreted their signature paisley and named it Taj 2.0.


This artwork has a coral red hue that also presents the chance to take the color of the year literally. This intricately-cut rag paper artwork is a modern depiction of underwater coral that could certainly complement other uses of Living Coral in a room design.


Egg & Dart offers another chance to take the color of the year literally with this wallcovering with a coral cut-out pattern in persimmon, a shade that matches Living Coral closely.


Fabricut presents one more literal take on coral with a splendid fabric that can be used in a chair, couch, or cushion. This simple “Cretic Coral” pattern presents white shapes on the coral background.


This extraordinary Jaipur Living rug called Unstring By Kavi features coral as part of an arresting blend of hues in this high-knot count carpet which combines old world techniques with modern patterns.


If you are seeking the coral color in handmade fabrics, look no further than Krane Home with their luxury basketweave fabric in coral pink. They also have a peony forest fabric in cerulean that has coral-colored peonies.


Renowned interior designer Michael S Smith used hemp fabric material to create this exquisite Coquina Coral fabric for his Jasper Line. This traditional fabric displays the Living Coral hue in a sophisticated and upscale take perfect for patrician room designs.


Surya carries a delightful throw pillow in the coral hue made and designed by Sunbrella who specialize in high-performance and durable fabrics that can be used both indoors and outdoors.



As part of the Fabricut family of brands, Vervain is a high-end purveyor of luxury fabrics and trims. The Living Coral hue is beautifully realized in the Nova Pachora Coral fabric and rendered in an exclusive Vervain pattern. You can use the Bohem Coral trim with beaded tassel fringe to contrast or complement other colors in a room design.

Read all about the PANTONE’s tools for designers and how to use the color with different color palettes. If you have any questions about Studio Designer’s Vendor Portal or the use of Studio OneClick and Studio Capture, feel free to send an email to