Tips and Tricks #1

Tips and Tricks to Streamline Your Workflow

Studio Designer certified consultants like Wallene Reimer and Teryl Birkes have shared Tips and Tricks via emails blasts to our subscribers. These Tips and Tricks are developed from user feedback and frequent inquiries in order to streamline use of the Studio Designer platform. 

Try posting order payments from within the order itself. This is especially convenient when you pay via credit card or applying credits from one item to another because this is one of the only places in the application where you can apply a net transaction of $0.00.


  1. View an order.
  2. Select “Payment.”
  3. Enter in applicable information.
  4. Select either “Post Vendor Payment” or “Create Check Entries.”

Credit Card Example:

  1. The vendor on the item/order for this example was actually Kravet, but I changed the “Pay To” so it reflects the credit card vendor. There are two reasons for this:
    A. It is easy to know I need to look at a credit card statement and not a checking account if I need to follow up for any reason.B. You do not have to provide 1099’s to any vendors that you paid with credit cards. At the end of year, when you print a disbursements report, you can pass right by these payments.
  2. We generally recommend using the date for the check # (backwards YYMMDD), but I always add an identifier to the end when paying via credit card. This helps me identify how an item was paid when I view vendor payments from within the item or order screens which don’t show the cash account.
  3. When posting credit card transactions, I like to use “Create Check Entries” instead of posting the payment right way. This will accumulate the entries in Money Out (under the credit card payable account), and you can wait until you get the credit card statement and update the amounts before posting. This way, if the vendor added freight or any other fees, you will not have to make another entry for the difference between what you thought they were going to charge to your card, and what they actually did.

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