Rugs: Get Your Floors Covered

February 15, 2019In SD BlogBy Rachel

In the spirit of Maximalism—which we covered in a blog post last month—Studio Designer urges interior designs to go full hilt with the boundless variety of rugs available and consider decorating a home with as many rugs as you can fit. Of course you should receive your client’s blessing but we urge you to go bold! Don’t be afraid to layer rugs on top of one another, adorn hallways and entryways with narrow rugs, enliven a neutral space with a vividly colored rug, put a few bright rugs in a white kitchen, or place a plush rug underneath your bed.

In Refinery 29’s post about this year’s biggest interior design trends, they noted that rugs with “bold patterns” are extremely popular along with timeless classics like Persian rugs that can complement both traditional and modern spaces. Elle Décor explored five of 2019’s top carpet trends in a post describing rugs for entryways, giant-scale rugs, low-pile heights, jute rugs, and multicolored designs. On online retailer Hayneedle’s blog, they share their take on “scene-stealing trending area rugs for 2019” by covering colorful prints, neutral geometric patterns, jute rugs, and animal prints.

In this post we focus on Studio Designer’s vendor partners and the expansive variety of rugs they offer that hit on popular trends. For Studio Designer users, the rugs featured in this post are available to add directly to a project using Studio Capture. From trendy to traditional, our vendor partners have your floors literally covered. We present a few choice rug picks from these selected featured vendor partners that you might want to incorporate into your next design.

CC Tapis

cc-tapis is an Italian company that produces contemporary hand-knotted rugs which are created in Nepal by expert Tibetan artisans. The Milan-based company is led by art director and partner Daniele Lora. This company prides itself on their innovations in rug creation using traditional methods. Each and every rug from this company is handcrafted using eco-friendly and natural methods using the softest Himalayan wool.


This vibrant rug is part of the company’s signature collection and certainly hits all the latest trends in offering a graphic, bold, and visually arresting rug with cylindrical shapes that look three-dimensional. It would also look sensational on a wall for a modern, graphic tapestry. Designed by Patricia Urquiola, Rotazioni is the word for “rotations” in Italian.

Super Fake

Bethan Laura Wood designed the Super Fake collection inspired by organic chaos of nature and sediment rock. She wanted to honor the beauty of the artisan techniques in a unique, artistic, and creative manner. The multiple layers and facets of the design showcase the incredible variety of centuries-old Tibetan rug-making techniques.

Escaijlles Degradé 2.0

Using a classic pattern, the scallop pattern of this rug resembles fish scales that can be customized to any color. The rug is made from a combination of pure silk for the pattern outline and Himalayan wool colored in a soft degradé effect.

Jaipur Living

Founded by N.K Chaudhary in India, Jaipur Living emphasizes sustainability and has used a vertically integrated business model to become one of the world’s leading rug manufacturers. With their complete command of the supply chain, this company is able to offer competitive pricing all while providing top-quality rugs in an expansive variety of hues and materials to meet the demands of clients who seek to be ahead of the design curve.

Intermix Jaipur

This rug is a dreamy take on the neutral pattern trend with a “cloud-like” softness that feels divine with bare feet. The suppleness of the rug belies the incredible durability of its polyester fibers and the pattern is reminiscent of a Moroccan tile design.

Coastal Seaside

This striking and plush wool rug is an ideal complement to the prevailing trend of houseplants in home décor. With its palm frond design in subdued colors, it can be part of a maximalist design without overwhelming a space. It can also serve a graphically interesting centerpiece of a clean, minimalist design.


It is not easy to source a vintage rug in colors that perfectly match modern color sensibilities but the Indie collection lets you have the best of both worlds. The vintage design of this rug in modern hues meld more fluidly with modern décor and would be particularly striking with the popular all-blue room trend. This rug is also low-pile and made of durable fabric so can be placed in a high-traffic area of a home.

James Duncan

James and Miriam Duncan are a husband and wife team with 15 years of experience in both interiors and industrial design. They have developed over 250 designs sold to the trade around the world and their line of vintage rugs were all handwoven in village looms in Morocco. Their rug offerings are one-of-a-kind so sizes vary and are narrower than commercial rugs.

Tristan Shag

This unique rug has a traditional Moroccan pattern that varies according to the artisan who created it. This vintage rug an inspired way to jump on the graphic rug trend in a non-conventional way and with a singular pattern.

Tuareg Reed and Leather Rug

Rugs using natural materials like jute and reeds have been surging in popularity in interior design. This artisan Moroccan piece uses leather and reeds in a unique and engaging way for a piece that would look as good on a concrete floor or a dark hardwood floor.

Tribal Kilim

Perfect for a hall way or even the space between a kitchen island and the sink area, this intricately patterned narrow rug is a fine example of the surging trend of kilim rugs. It is a classic and intricate design that would fit beautifully with either a modern or traditional interior.

The New Traditionalists

This company offers high-quality home goods manufacturing based in the U.S. with factories in New England and California that have state-of-the-art machinery and highly skilled craftsmen. They also use ethical sourcing for their imported rugs. With over 25 years of interiors experience, they can scale their work to fit designers’ needs from a one-off custom piece to high-volume commercial orders. They are proud of their in-house design, engineering, and manufacturing teams who instill great passion and pride in their work.

Forty Nine Shades

This dreamy rug features a soothing color palette with soft gradients that come in this pink look and also comes in blue. Made of fine silk and wool, you can also choose the construction of the rug to hand-knotted silk or hand-tufted.


This intriguing rug packs a punch in this bold, red color that would be a fine addition to a room that needs a boost of fiery energy. The crack-like pattern of the design sets this rug apart and the gray version of the rug makes for an appealing neutral.


This company began over 40 years ago as Surya Rugs by supplying hand-knotted rugs. They now boast an inventory of over 60,000 products including lighting, pillows, wall décor, accent furniture, and bedding. Not only have they mastered the art of fine customer service, but their take great pride in top design and have partnered with designers like Candice Olson and brands like Sunbrella. While they have branched off from rugs, they hold true to their origins and still offer some of the finest and most admired rugs in the trade.


This hand-tufted, medium pile rug is another great artistic piece that could look good displayed on a wall. The distinctive design of this rug may inspire a designer to source accessories in the rug’s distinct purple, blue, gray, peach, and golden hues.


This rug has a traditional design but in modern shades that make it fresh, youthful, and appealing. Vintage rugs will always have it place in design but, just like Jaipur’s Indie rug featured above, and this Rio design allows you to indulge in a classic look but with fun colors like bright pink and deep purple. Using this rug with modern furniture just may put you at the forefront of the latest design trends.

Artist Studio

With its masterful combination of subdued but striking colors, this hand-tufted, medium pile rug comes in a variety of shapes and looks great in both rectangular and circular forms seen here. The versatility of this colorful design come from the neutral hues in the pattern making it easy to work with so many aesthetics. It’s easy to see why it’s one of Surya’s top sellers.

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