Making the Switch to Studio Designer

When you’re juggling multiple projects, managing a team working remotely, or just trying to keep up with everyday life—it’s hard to consider switching the foundational systems that you use to keep your business running smoothly. And when those systems cease to exist, it’s daunting to think about where to go next. With the closing of another company in the interior design industry, Fuigo, we can’t help but reflect on the 30+ years we’ve been in business, helping thousands of designers manage their projects and allow their creativity to flourish. 


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> Why Studio Designer?


With robust project management tools, integrated time billing features, product sourcing capabilities, and a designer-specific accounting system—Studio Designer has it all under one roof. And, because everything is seamlessly integrated, your data flows easily throughout the program, meaning more streamlined operations and more accurate information.

With Fuigo and other platforms, you need to pay an additional fee for a third-party accounting system (like Quickbooks or Freshbooks). And, the integration(s) is often not as seamless as you would think.


Big or small. Local or international. Residential or hospitality, or all of the above. Studio Designer’s flexibility means you can easily manage your business, your way.

Fuigo and other platforms have limited settings and customizable features, which means that one size must fit all. 


Unlimited projects, items, proposals and orders.

Most other platforms charge by the project.


Studio Designer’s industry-leading tool, Studio Capture, makes it easy for designers to digitally source product from anywhere across the web in just a few clicks. We also have relationships with hundreds of the industry’s top vendors that will make purchasing and connecting with vendors easier than ever (coming soon!).

Other project management solutions lack an integrated product clipper which makes it laborious to upload product details, images, and more into their system.

Studio Designer Studio Capture Desktop Screen

> Is this Going to Be Hard?

Change is never easy, but we help make the transition from Fuigo to Studio Designer easy so you can continue running your business without skipping a beat. We offer: 

  • Automated address import feature
  • One-on-one onboarding and training sessions
  • Extensive self-service training courses through the Studio Designer Learning Hub and Knowledge Base

> Where Do I Sign Up?

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