The Importance of Public Outreach

Five Aspects of Public Outreach

1.  Public Speaking

It is important to communicate that you are an expert in your field so seek out opportunities to give a lecture, join a panel discussion, or even teach a class. Be sure to work hard on giving an effective message that would benefit your business. Not only will regular and compelling speaking engagements bring in clients, but it can also attract good talent to add to your staff.

2.  Getting Involved

Find the time and energy to engage in your community outside of work whether it is joining a board, committee, or community activities like sports or civic events. It allows you to meet people and influencers outside of your field and you will certainly reap the rewards being exposed to new environments.

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3.  Charities

The rewards of giving to charity are plentiful as it allows businesses to support worthy causes and can be a source of exposure for potential work. Keith believes that philanthropy is essential for a good business and simply states “If you give, you get.”

4.  Other Community Activities

In order to be a successful member of a community organization like the American Institute of Architects (AIA) or the International Interior Design Association (IIDA), it is vital that you are engaged and passionate in your involvement. Genuine interest in a group’s subject matter leads to greater success and the ability to generate work.

5.  Networking

Keith believes it takes three parts perception and one part chutzpah to land a project so networking is a vital part of generating work. People are receptive to you when you speak proudly about your work but you have to gauge your audience correctly. Be an attentive listener and observer so that you know whether a potential client would be receptive to knowing more about your work and talents. Lastly, business cards may be “old school” but they are still essential tools even in today’s modern networking world.