Sometimes inspiration comes from self-reflection and artwork Gaia—a monumental work by compelling and thought-provoking artist Luke Jerram—certainly fits the bill. We must give credit to interior designer Kit Kemp for blogging about this artwork and bringing our attention to this incredible artist and his significant body of work.


Gaia is an inflated sphere about seven meters in diameter and created using a 120dpi detailed NASA imagery of the Earth’s surface. Luke created a slowly rotating planet Earth at a captivating scale with a photo-realistic recreation of our planet lit from within.

Luke also paid tribute to the Moon in his stunning Museum of the Moon seen here floating in an indoor pool area. He has a touring artwork, In Memoriam, to commemorate the victims of our COVID-19 pandemic and to pay tribute to frontline healthcare workers—particularly the medical works of the NHS in the UK. The artwork’s material consists of bedsheets from the NHS.