Studio Designer's Vendor Portal

Built to create the most efficient ordering process for interior designers, the new Vendor Portal is an extension Studio Designer’s powerful cloud-based project management and accounting program. From our new Studio Capture OneClick technology, to the integrated messaging and ordering features, we now offer an amazing sales tool for manufacturers, trade representatives and multi-line showrooms.

Trusted by over 7,200 interior designers, Studio Designer has been the leader in the industry technology space for over two decades and is now truly connecting the entire industry from inspiration to installation.

Vendor Library


Product Library

Vendor Portal

Vendor Library

This streamlined section is designed to provide our 5,000+ cloud users easy access to your website and digital catalogue with a clean and easy to sort and filter library of vendor tiles. Designers use this library to discover new companies, populate their proposals with OneClick, and create a curated resource guide for their firm’s most trusted and frequently used sources.


Rather than build yet another aggregator of a 1,000 companies’ catalogues only to have designers mindlessly comparison shop, Studio Designer is proud to offer our partners access to OneClick, the most efficient way to deliver your product specifications and images directly into the proposals and purchase orders of our interior designer subscribers.

This easy-to-use tool integrates with any kind of website, and takes only a few hours to configure. Then it automatically populates to all of your product pages. Our small icon can be color-matched to fit your site aesthetic, and our loyal designers will be on the lookout for brands who make proposing easy.

Product Library

Because we view a firm’s project management and accounting platform as sacred ground, there are no flashing banners, featured vendors, nor sponsored content in Studio Designer. However, Studio Designer offers its partner vendors a place to showcase their latest introductions in our New Product section. Here, manufacturers can promote up to 10 new products at a time, in a regularly updated section, intended for our users to quickly scroll through to find new and exciting sources and collections.

From here, our designers can easily add your new product directly to their active project or save pieces they like for later. Your items will be in front of the best designers, and Studio Designer will be able to provide valuable analytics on how many designers viewed your product, how many proposed it, how many saved it for later, and how many purchases came from each listing. All of this for a fraction of the price of traditional print advertising.

Product listings are available exclusively to Studio Designer vendor partners.

Vendor Portal

The Vendor Portal is the place of peak efficiency for interior designers. No longer do they need to keep dozens of binders for each client project and an inbox overflowing with 1,000's of e-mails. The Vendor Portal simplifies the ordering process while keeping all communication organized and easy to track for designers, showrooms, and manufacturers.

Now, vendors can communicate directly with designers, share and attach images, CAD files, quotes, or tear sheets, all wholly within the Studio Designer cloud. This make referencing these materials easy for the designer. The platform is accessible from any web browser, and vendors or their showrooms can respond to inquiries from an manage Vendor Portal screen or even by replying to the email notifications.

Additionally, some partners may choose to accept orders via our API, which can post orders directly to your order management system, saving even more time.


What is the Studio Designer Vendor Portal?

The Vendor Portal is an extension of Studio Designer built to integrate the entire interior design industry – connecting designers to their vendors in a cloud environment for greater efficiency and collaboration to enhance the design experience.

The four primary features of the Studio Designer Vendor Portal are:

  • Vendor Library:  Where designers can find, organize and manage vendors in one online location, conveniently located within Studio Designer.
  • Product Library:  A place to discover, organize and manage favorite design products in an online product library, integrated directly with your Studio Designer hub of project management tools.
  • Studio OneClick:  Cutting edge technology to help designers populate their proposals automatically with a single click.
  • Vendor Portal:  A new collaborative environment to send and manage orders in an online, collaborative environment.

Who is behind Studio Designer?

Keith Granet partnered with industry leaders to create these new features in Studio Designer. The Studio Designer team and partners are long-standing and successful members of the design industry.

When will the Vendor Portal be available?

The Vendor Portal debuted in 2017. If you are interested in additional information, please email

How does Studio Designer relate to the Vendor portal?

Studio Designer users will continue to have uninterrupted access to all features they currently use. The all new Vendor Portal is an extension of the cloud version of Studio Designer. Its features allow designers to discover new resources and seamlessly collaborate with their preferred vendors on orders. To use these new tools, designers must have an active Studio Designer cloud account.

What can Studio Designer users and Partners expect in the future?

Studio Designer cloud users can expect current features to be refined as we move forward, with future enhancements to increase speed through the program and greater efficiency when communicating with both clients and vendors. Order processing and order updates will be streamlined in an online collaborative environment. See more here.

Will these new features work on a mobile phone or tablet?

Coming soon. Over time, more and more features will be relaunched in a completely responsive format. This means it will automatically scale and work on mobile devices and tablets.

Will designers need to enter new information to use the Vendor Portal?

No. All Studio Designer item information will seamlessly pre-populate orders in the Vendor Portal.

What are the benefits of the Vendor Portal for designers?

The Vendor Portal connects designers directly to vendors or their showrooms in an online collaborative environment. This makes the entire ordering process more efficient for designers from beginning to end.

What are the new features for designers?

  • The ability to find, organize and manage your vendors in an online vendor library within your Studio Designer account.
  • Find, organize and manage your favorite design products in an online product library, accessible to your entire firm.
  • Regularly review new product introductions and add them to your product library.
  • Save time by automatically capturing and adding products from manufacturer websites to your projects and proposals.
  • Provide clients enhanced online access to experience their design project at their convenience.
  • View and manage all client and vendor communication in one centralized location.
  • Provide vendors online and collaborative access to orders.
  • Receive automatic order updates from vendors, in some cases including order acknowledgements and shipping notifications.
  • Review a log of all communication between your firm and your vendors in one easy-to-use messaging platform.
  • Share images, drawings, inspiration, sketches, elevations and other documents with your vendors.

What are the benefits of the Vendor Portal for vendors?

The Vendor Library and Vendor Portal allow vendors to reach and communicate with the design community in the most effective and efficient manner.

What are the features of the Vendor Portal for vendors?

  • Unparalleled exposure to our 5,000+ Interior Designers/subscribers, with a combined purchasing power of $1.8B per year.
  • Direct our designers to your website to experience your brand’s full story.
  • Promote your brand’s and logo in a professional presentation to designers.
  • Publish any of your collection’s new products for designers to review.
  • Designers can automatically capture and add products to their product library making it very easy for them to propose them to their clients.
  • Receive and respond to orders and inquiries in an online, collaborative environment.
  • Provide updates to orders in a simple and organized application.
  • Easily share images, finishes samples, drawings, and documents with designers.
  • Track and manage designer, showrooms or representative communication in one centralized location.

How do I learn more about these new features?

You can learn more about these new features on our website here. Please submit your questions through the Contact Us form below to learn more. We will have training classes and videos coming soon. You can also email the Studio Designer partner team at

Are you a manufacturer, showroom and representative interested in joining this platform? Get in touch with us!

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