The cyclical nature of fashion and design trends means that the wallpapers that were so popular a few decades ago are finally reemerging as a popular and desired way to transform walls beyond paint. As this blog post from Collector’s Weekly covered back in June, wallcoverings are no longer considered dated, tacky, or a cheap way to decorate. Wallcoverings have finally reached their true potential and are finally considered by interior designers and their clients to be in the realm of good taste.

Wallcoverings of course include high-quality paper but now are made of textured materials such as linen, damask, velvet, wood, woven grass, and even cork. The market for artisan wallpapers, including hand-printed and hand-painted, has also been on a considerable upswing in recent years and now numerous businesses boast specially curated collections of wallcoverings.

There are many great online places to source and purchase great wallpapers like Wallpaper Direct, Perigold, and Finest Wallpaper to name a few. However, Studio Designer users can also find great wallpaper directly on the Vendor Portal and enjoy the convenience of adding wallcoverings directly to projects when signed onto the platform.

The list of Studio Designer vendor partners below offer a remarkable variety of wallcoverings and wallpapers that can be directly added to your projects. They are all listed on the Vendor Portal and users can use the Studio OneClick icon to add a wallcovering to a project.

Wallcoverings certainly deliver patterns, textures, and even murals that expand a designer’s ability to transform a space beyond simply using paint. In this post, we explore a few selected wallcoverings from Studio Designer’s Vendor Partners.


Specializing in modern children’s furniture, ducduc also offers a delightful selection of graphic wallpapers on clay coated paper. Playful designs include baby elephants, bunny rabbits, zebras, hearts, stars and more that can be printed in a variety of colors.

Duralee: Clarke & Clarke Wallcovering

Duralee is an exclusive distributor of Clarke & Clarke wallcoverings with many design styles geared to help designers coordinate the colors for their room designs. This floral bouquet wallpaper represents the reemergence of floral patterns in trendy décor and would be ideal for the walls of a small powder room or a great accent wall in a living room.

Egg and Dart: Pretty Darn Quick

The company Egg and Dart and their online store Pretty Darn Quick has a beautiful selection of fine wallpaper from York Wallcoverings including a mid-century modern collection. A highlight of this collection is this geometric ribbon wallpaper in light gray, teal, and citron that also comes in four other color palettes.

Farrow and Ball

Established in 1946, Farrow & Ball is a paint company that now features a variety of splendid wallpapers using their own in-house paint. Their designs evoke classical patterns with deep, rich colors that make the paper a work of art. This elegant lotus design is one of their most popular as the dramatic, French-inspired pattern in different color tones create striking backdrops for a variety of interiors.

Jasper by Michael S Smith

As one of the leading interior designers in entire world, Michael S Smith’s Jasper line represents his masterful take on European classicism and American modernism. The classic patterns of his beautiful Jasper wallcovering—like this beautiful Isle Flower pattern in aubergine—represent Michael’s curatorial eye and deep knowledge of the antiques business.

Krane Home

Korean American artist Sharon Lee is a fine artist who launched her line of luxury handmade wallpapers, fabrics, and home accessories featuring her artwork. Her designs are created with hand carved-block printing and textural brushworks that is recreated by hand-screened printers. All of her wallpapers, including the gorgeous painted wave design seen here, are one-of-a-kind.


Kravet Inc. has been proudly celebrating their 100 years of business this year for good reason—they have become the authority of high-end fabrics for residential interiors. From a family fabric company to a global business now offering furnishings, Kravet has added wallpaper and wallcoverings to their considerable inventory. This wallpaper is actually comprised of cork and comes in other shades including gold, silver, and light blue. The cork is an unusual wall material but can make an interior feel warm and inviting.

Sara Story Design

Sara Story is a renowned interior designer known for her polished, elegant, and crisp aesthetic. Sara launched her wallpaper line in 2012 that plays on traditional Asian motifs like her Bora Bora collection that covers all four seasons in different colors with the same pattern; with the fall style presenting a dark and moody palette.

Sol +Luna

Sol + Luna present a variety of natural woven wall coverings that can absolutely transform a wall into a tactile and dramatic background for a variety of living spaces. This company prides itself on its eco-friendly products that are inspired by nature with some of the materials used even coming directly from nature.

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