Meet Design Tools for Studio Designer: a new set of features for concepting, sourcing, and presenting design direction and vision. Design Tools enables seamless collaboration as you translate design inspirations into elements of a project, and bring your designs to life.

Design Tools smoothly integrates three significant new functions into Studio Designer’s platform: Inspiration Library, Studio Capture for Inspirations, and the Studio Designer’s PowerPoint Integration. This collection of features serves as a central hub, designed to foster collaboration among designers and their teams during the ever-crucial ideation and inspiration phases of interior design and architecture projects. With Design Tools’ integration with Studio Designer, all your crucial project management and accounting tools are on one platform, ensuring your workflow is streamlined and all your projects move quickly to deliver outstanding results to your clients.

Let’s break down the different functions. Inspiration Library is your a hub for Inspirations, whether they’re product images, hand-rendered drawings, screen grabs or anything that can be captured visually.

As the Studio Designer team describes it, an Inspiration is “an ideation. It’s a photo on your reel, artwork, furniture, lighting design. Our favorite example is the out-to-brunch example: You have a great idea for a layout in a home office space. So, you grab a napkin and sketch it, so you don’t forget it. What do you do? You take your phone, you take a picture of it, and guess where that goes? In your Inspiration Library.”

Inpiration Library

Then there’s Studio Capture for Inspirations, an enhanced version of the beloved Studio Capture now with new capabilities to make the process of pulling in critical product details into your Studio Designer account even easier. Studio Capture helps you nab products from across the internet and bring them back to the virtual office, allowing for a fast-paced collection of essential building blocks for your interior design project. And now with Studio Capture for Inspirations, you can quickly capture images with only two required fields, giving you a fast way to collect images and ideas for your Inspiration Library in Design Tools. No more flipping through multiple browser tabs or dealing with file menus and uploading images from all over. It simplifies your procurement process and your sourcing efforts immensely.

Studio Capture

Ready to share your ideas with your clients? Design Tools integrates with PowerPoint, allowing you to present your potential items and project vision using custom-branded PowerPoint templates. The Studio Designer team consulted real designers to develop a simple way of generating design presentations, right from the Studio Design platform.

In just a few clicks, images and items from Studio Designer’s Inspiration Library become a professional, sharable slide deck. No need to waste time copying and pasting images – you can automatically include all pieces of visual inspiration for your project. Or, filter by keyword for a focused presentation covering one element. These easy-to-create PowerPoints let you stay collaborative with your clients and receive the feedback you need to guide your next creative steps.

PowerPoint presentation

Design Tools smoothly integrates with the Studio Designer platform, allowing Inspirations to transition into products that designers can then push swiftly through the procurement process, easily creating proposals, and placing orders. When an Item is generated from an Inspiration, its relevant details, data, and images automatically accompany it, saving design teams valuable time during the often-tedious ordering and procurement processes.

Kruti Zaveri, Allied ASID, Studio Lead at Tom Stringer Design Partners, shared her feedback as an early Design Tools tester. “First impressions: It was super easy to figure out the features,” she explains. Kruti loves Design Tools’ versatility. She uses Studio Capture for Inspirations to keep track of images that inspire her, and to record specific items for projects and clients. It’s simple to save an item’s URL for later reference, expediting the process of pulling crucial information during the procurement process. “I like that we don’t need to add too many particulars upfront, and can simply load images of things that inspire me. [For example] I don’t have to enter cost and sales code and vendor info upfront.”

Some of her specific praise is centered around the software’s ease of use. “I love that I can take that inspiration item and directly convert it to a Studio Designer Item. How amazing is that! It was very intuitive, and I was able to convert it easily.” In particular, she loves the clone tool: “That allows me to retain the item in inspiration and then copy it into a particular client.”

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