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Frequently asked questions

Studio Designer offers a wide assortment of reporting options. There are 3 main types of reports: reports, financials, and forms.

Reports are the most straightforward format and are used by any user type (project managers, bookkeepers/accountants, or principals). You can think of reports as a spreadsheet with rows and columns of data, where you can choose:

  1. the order of the columns
  2. how the data is sorted
  3. where any subtotals appear

The types of reports used most frequently are in the Items section. We call these “Projects Worksheets.” They are a quick way to get a snapshot of the items in your projects.

The financial reports require specific Permissions to access and are generally accessible to bookkeepers/accountants and principals. These reports include company Balance Sheets, Income Statements, General Ledger reports, and Reconciliation reports types.

Forms are the documents that Studio Designer generates, such as Proposals, Orders, Invoices, Specifications, and RFQs. There are many standard themes available for each of those types of documents.

You can customize forms by choosing which elements are displayed and how the rows are sorted, grouped, and subtotals. You can also choose their exact position, as well as their font and style.

Yes, you can. Your Income Statement conveniently breaks down Profit and Loss for easy access.

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