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Frequently asked questions

Proposals and documents in Studio Designer are very customizable. Designers need to be able to customize proposals, invoices, and other paperwork to ensure they’re genuinely representing their brand. Interior designers can incorporate imagery, branding, logos, materials, and other customizations into their Studio Designer reports and documentation.

  1. Sourcing and Selection: Use Studio Capture to gather item details, pricing, product dimensions and more.
  2. RFQ’s: Send Requests-for-Quote (RFQ’s) to vendors to determine pricing and configuration details.
  3. Client Proposals and Approval: Send clients proposals, which may include images, samples, specifications, and pricing via the Client Portal, Interactive Documents, or PDFs. Clients review these proposals and provide feedback or approve the items for purchase.
  4. Order Placement: Place orders with chosen vendors, specifying details like quantity, delivery dates, and any custom requirements.
  5. Payment: Accept payments via StudioPay.
  6. Delivery: Managing project details with expediting fields and reports.
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