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Frequently asked questions

Bookkeepers and accountants at an interior design firm play a crucial role in ensuring the financial health and stability of the business. While the industry is creatively rewarding, it is not without its unique challenges for those overseeing the books. From properly handling expenses to managing complex project budgets with many moving parts, their responsibilities often face distinct obstacles that demand specialized solutions.

Response: Studio Designer is cloud-native on AWS, providing seamless scalability, redundancy and integrated cyber security. All data is encrypted and our system uses “virtual” firewalls preventing access to the application from all unauthorized sources.

Studio Designer offers several types of support to enable customers to use our platform most effectively, including email, chat, zoom, training sessions, Implementation services, and more. We are not accountants or bookkeepers, though. We strongly encourage customers to work with a bookkeeper or accountant to provide day-to-day finance and accounting services. We have an extensive network of Financial Consultant Partners, based across the US and Canada, that we can help pair with our customers.

With accrual accounting, revenue is recognized when services are performed or products are delivered, providing a more accurate reflection of the business’s financial health. It allows for better matching of revenue and expenses, enabling a more realistic assessment of profitability.

In the context of interior design, where projects often involve multiple stages and changes, accrual accounting offers flexibility. By deferring revenue recognition until services or products are fully provided, designers can better manage changes in client preferences without necessitating adjustments in previously recognized revenue.

Also, from a sales tax perspective, accrual accounting enables designers to manage sales tax liabilities more effectively by recognizing revenue when possession transfers, avoiding premature tax payments in case of alterations or modifications in the project scope.

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