Studio Designer has always allowed users to quickly and efficiently accept payments from clients via credit card directly within the platform. By popular demand, we are now thrilled to expand our user payment options with ACH payments. Want to learn more? Watch a recording of our ACH Payments webinar here.

ACH (Automatic Clearing House) payments give Studio Designer users the means to accept and receive payments directly from one bank account to another. They are easier to set up and manage, plus the fees are lower than credit cards and other similar services. We are always hard at work looking to augment Studio Designer’s array of features and ACH payments are just one of many more enhancements in store for the top business platform in the trade. Learn how to activate ACH in a Studio Designer account here.

Speedy Payments: An Array of Options

Screenshot of the payment panel
Payment Settings in Studio Designer

As a fully integrated project management and accounting platform, Studio Designer aims to make the lives of our designer clients with enhancements that save time and money. Getting paid quickly is vital to keep a business firing on all cylinders so we allow users to conduct transactions through three payment systems that now include ACH in addition to existing credit card functionality.


Screenshot of the login panel
Link to set up a Stripe Account from Studio Designer

Studio Designer users can set up a Stripe account to take advantage of this company’s payment integration in the platform. Users can choose to use either a credit card or ACH with Stripe and a great bonus feature is that bank and credit card information can be saved for future use. Plus, Stripe provides a detailed dashboard that reveals a client’s entire payment history. Learn how to set up your Stripe account here.

Screenshot of the payment panel
Payment settings within Studio Designer

For users who prefer to use Paypal or Payroc, we’ve got you covered. Once a Studio Designer user has activated their Paypal account, they can opt to use this company for all payments transactions. Payroc users have the option of adding the ACH payment functionality to their existing accounts. Learn about Paypal and Payroc here.

Client Portal and Interactive Documents

A screenshot from the app
Studio Designer’s Sharing Documents Screen

Studio Designer allows users to communicate and conduct transactions with clients with speed and convenience with either the Client Portal or Interactive Documents. Our entire suite of payment services—that now includes ACH—can be used within both features.

Our convenient and unique Client Portal allows designers to share entire projects with clients on a secure website to approve proposals and most importantly—make payments. Clients have the flexibility of approving or rejecting individual items on proposals and pay invoices directly in the portal.

Screenshot of the make a payment panel
Client Portal Payment Options

Interactive documents offer a more direct way to communicate with clients by sending documents directly without them needing to log into a website. Through this feature, clients can approve, reject, or make payments on entire proposals or invoices. ACH payments can be activated in settings and a “Pay Now” link should appear on interactive documents.

Watch a recording of our ACH Payments webinar here.

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