A look into StudioPay, our new integrated client payments solution created for interior designers

Interior designers face many challenges, with managing client payments being a significant pain point. While there are options on how you choose to accept payment, some are better than others. For example, paper checks and wire transfers involve manual invoice tracking and can have devastating consequences. In 2022 alone, the FTC reported a loss of $311M due to wire fraud; this was the 3rd highest contributor to losses behind cryptocurrency and bank transfers. Furthermore, the last few years have revived consumers’ willingness and expectation to pay online. Businesses of every size and industry are experiencing this shift towards strictly digital payments and billing services—interior design professionals are no exception.

Studio Designer’s commitment to innovation in how interior designers manage their business led to StudioPay, a client payment solution built for interior designers. With features that help you get paid faster, place orders quickly, and keep projects on track, all while providing a seamless client payment experience, it’s no secret why hundreds of firms have already made the switch.

Why Companies Like you Chose StudioPay

In just a few months, StudioPay has drastically improved and streamlined the way in which we accept payments from our clients. The payment interface is super convenient and easy for our clients to navigate, and it has made tying payments to proposals much easier and more timely for our bookkeepers.

Melissa Colgan
Melissa Colgan Interiors

All-In-One Solution

At the heart of StudioPay’s success is its alignment with how interior designers work. The platform is designed to cater to the intricate workflow of design professionals, acknowledging the nuances of their industry. By integrating with Studio Designer’s existing project management and accounting tools, StudioPay seamlessly fits into the designer’s toolkit, ensuring a seamless transition from project management to payment processing. This integrated approach saves time and effort, allowing designers to focus on what they do best: designing captivating spaces.

Elevated Client Payment Experience

Did you know 74% of clients prefer to make payments using digital methods over traditional alternatives? StudioPay lets your clients make payments directly through their preferred online methods, such as credit and debit cards. With our one-click payment feature, clients can effortlessly make payments for your services, making it easier for you to get paid faster and easily apply and reconcile client deposits to keep projects moving. This frictionless payment experience reflects positively on your business, fosters stronger client relationships, and provides a more convenient way for your clients to do business with you.

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Clarified Expectations on Fee Structure

Establishing a transparent fee structure with each client upfront isn’t just good business; it’s a crucial step that benefits designers and clients alike. When clients understand the costs associated with your expertise, they’re more likely to recognize and appreciate the value you bring to their project. Whether you charge a flat fee, hourly rate, markup, or retainer, ensure your clients understand how you charge for your services and, more importantly, how you intend to accept payments. StudioPay offers the flexibility to accept ACH, credit cards, or both from clients, so there is no confusion when collecting payment. By outlining the fee structure in advance, both parties are on the same page, reducing the likelihood of conflicts and promoting a smoother working relationship.

StudioPay allows us and our clients, to make proposal and invoice payments swift and easy. It was a flawless transition from our last merchant. Our clients did not notice the change! Plus, by having our payments flow directly into our Studio Designer account, we can apply funds and move our orders forward more quickly than ever.

Corlay Castellanos
Ponton Interiors

Designer-Specific Financial Tools

Interior designers have unique financial requirements that often differ from those of other industries. Recognizing this, StudioPay provides designer-specific financial tools that cater to those needs. Integrated payment posting enables clients to make payments directly through the platform, eliminating the need for third-party payment gateways. This seamless integration simplifies the payment process and enhances your professionalism.

Built on a Foundation of Security and Reliability

Security and reliability are paramount in financial transactions and project management. StudioPay is built on a foundation of highly secure technology, implementing industry-standard encryption and security protocols to safeguard your sensitive information and financial data. This ensures that you and your clients can have peace of mind when using the platform for payments and project management.

StudioPay redefines how designers approach client payments with a safe and reliable platform. Say goodbye to the complexities of managing projects and payments separately. Now you can bring simplicity, professionalism, and efficiency to every aspect of your interior design business.

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