How Gail Davis’ One-Person Design Firm Achieves 2x Client Growth with Studio Designer


Solo design firm owner Gail Davis wanted to optimize her growing business while staying focused on delivering high-quality creative work to her clients. She kept her records across multiple platforms and needed a single, integrated system that could handle project management, client interactions, and accounting processes.


Gail was initially hesitant to use Studio Designer because she thought such a robust platform was only suited for big firms. Gail’s accountant (Financial Consultant Partner, Stemper & Associates) recommended Studio Designer as an all-in-one solution to transform Gail’s one-person business. Studio Designer proved to be the perfect fit for her boutique firm. Gail estimates that, with Studio Designer, she can take on double the amount of projects.

Gail loves the platform’s transparency — the Time Billing function allows her to accurately charge by the hour while juggling multiple projects, detailed invoices ensure clients stay informed, and time-stamped notes keep track of vital details.


Optimized Bookkeeping, Accounting, and Billing
Billing and filing for taxes are no longer daunting tasks. Studio Designer keeps all financial information organized, ensuring monthly and end-of-year accounting meetings run smoothly.

Refined and Professional Project Management
All clients’ reports are accessible with only a few clicks. Gail makes use of Studio Designer’s customizable fields to ensure her rates and markups are always accurate for both long-term and new clients.

Ease of Payment
Studio Designer has expedited Gail’s client invoicing process: She simply sends an invoice, and the client pays via the Client Portal using StudioPay.


  • Timed Billing
  • Itemized Invoice Generation
  • Default Setup for Markup Rate
  • Time-Stamped Item Tracking
  • Client Portal Payment

"Studio Designer helps streamline things. Everything is in one place and it’s just so easy to set up your clients

I feel like it should be the standard across the board — like every designer should be using Studio Designer!"

Gail Davis
Gail Davis Design


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South Orange, NJ

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1 Person Team + External Accountant

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FreshBooks, Excel

Photography by Mike Van Tassell

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