The Challenge

Traci Connell sought a robust accounting and project management platform to accommodate her growing business and service all her clients impeccably. She wanted one system to manage all her firm’s projects and financials, streamline daily work, and provide business analytics.

The Solution

Studio Designer proved to be the perfect “one-stop shop” solution for Traci to consolidate her projects, product sourcing, time billing, and client database. Not having to use multiple programs has opened up so much time to quickly launch projects and keep clients happier. Traci has been using the platform for over a decade and it has accelerated her firm’s success. She also considers Studio Designer’s reports essential in analyzing firm profitability and data insights to forecast future work.

Business Impact

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With Studio Designer, we save a huge amount of time that was wasted in past systems and were able to improve how we work, take on new clients, launch projects instantly, and do everything 75% faster.

Traci Connell
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Favorite Features

Reports Library and Custom Report Builder

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Project Management

Time Billing

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Time Tracking & Billing

Support and Training

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Support and Training

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