A Blog for the Interior Design Business

Studio Designer has acquired unparalleled insight into the systems and dynamics of successful design practices. The company has decades of experience supporting the top clients in the interior design business and is well supported by the industry expertise of its leadership. CEO Keith Granet is renowned for his design industry leadership and first-hand experience successfully consulting design professionals. Founder Lance Haeberle devoted his career to evolving and implementing the most progressive tools and technology for managing design practices.

The Studio Designer blog aims to be a source for this collective knowledge as well as an online environment to champion the best practices of interior design in the ongoing quest to improve the business of design.

"With financial security comes creative freedom."

Keith Granet

Purpose of the Blog

The multi-faceted nature of the blog will serve many purposes:

  • Inform: Provide news and announcements of Studio Designer’s new features, integrations, partnerships, as well as online training and live training events. We will also feature members of our Studio Designer and Studio Support team and how they work to continually improve the platform to make it more efficient and effective. 
  • Inspire: Showcase design industry trends and feature projects where a designer used Studio Designer to make a project efficient from proposal to installation. We will also feature regional décor and the striking trends in cities around the nation and the world.
  • Educate: Ensure that Studio Designer users are up-to-date on interior design industry news as well as technological and cultural trends that influence our work. We will also feature events and conferences that not only provide vital industry knowledge but also connect you with like-minded professionals.
  • Advocate: Feature the work of our designers and selected products from our vendor partners. We think it would benefit your work to be exposed to the designs of peers, the latest products from your favorite vendors, or even find new resources suited to your design aesthetic.
  • Elevate: Improve the overall interior design industry by sharing Studio Designer’s specialized knowledge on the dynamic relationships between clients, designers, vendors, and showrooms. There is nothing like Studio Designer’s front-row seat in the interior design industry having worked closely for many decades with such luminaries including Tom Stringer, Charles Hilton Architects, William and Kazuko Hefner, Jan Showers, Michael S. Smith, Suzanne Tucker, Thad Hayes, Ray Booth, Edward Yedid, Mark Ferguson, and more. We are confident our knowledge can advance the entire profession.

Our aspiration with this blog is simple: Studio Designer wants creativity to be the main focus of your interior design work as we manage the technical and logistical necessities of your business. Adobe software programs revolutionized the graphic design process by eliminating the reliance on costly art materials. In a similar fashion, Studio Designer aims to eliminate the cumbersome stacks of catalogues, binders, papers, invoices, and purchase orders that can overwhelm your space.

Studio Designer is receptive to user suggestions and contributions for this blog. We are also looking to create a discussion forum where our users can offer each other advice on the program as well as general interior design concerns. The new Studio Designer Blog is a testament to the company’s overarching mission to empower the creativity of our subscribers.

If you are a designer or vendor who would like to be featured on the Studio Designer blog, please send an email to contact@studiodesigner.com.

“Design is a plan for arranging elements in such a way as best to accomplish a particular purpose.”

— Charles Eames