We hope you had a chance to tune into our latest webinar, but in case you missed the live event or would like to review a recap, and we’ve prepared a quick summary & recording for you to view.

From Studio Designer’s The Work of Design LIVE!, see host Ruth Ann Janson, President of The Dove Agency, for a comprehensive presentation that delves into the art of budgeting and forecasting specifically tailored to equip interior designers with the knowledge and skills they need to set realistic and achievable goals for the upcoming year.

What did we cover? 

  • What a budget is, and why it’s crucial for your interior design business
  • Practical steps and tools to kickstart the process, from setting financial objectives to gathering data to create a structured budgeting framework
  • How to leverage your forecast and budget effectively to make informed decisions, allocate resources wisely, and ensure your interior design projects remain on track financially

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