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Studio Designer, the leading digital project management, product sourcing, and accounting platform for the interior designers, is proud to present The Work of Design: a digital magazine featuring insights to help any design industry professional grow their business. From Core Principles to our Glossary, readers can deepen their industry knowledge and become well-rounded designers with our array of useful resources.

The interior design industry is quite fragmented, with over 13,000 interior design firms across the US, making it difficult to glean best practices and insights on how to run a successful design firm. The Work of Design gathers important industry knowledge in one place including articles on general business principles, insights and inspiration, and advice from industry experts like Keith Granet, CEO of Studio Designer. Keith possesses a great wealth of knowledge of what it takes to succeed in interior design with this firm Granet and Associates.

“We have always been a great resource for helping the design community develop their business acumen. I believe that no matter how much talent an interior designer has, if they cannot run a successful business, their talents will not be fully realized. I’ve written three books on the business of design and creativity, and I’m so thrilled that Studio Designer now has this terrific free resource for all designers,” says Keith Granet.

The Work of Design features a range of content including insight-rich articles, and interviews with industry leaders like Suzanne Kasler, Ken Fulk, Elizabeth Roberts, Lewis Heathcote of NICOLEHOLLIS, Chad Stark of STARK carpets, and Cary Kravet of Kravet, inc. The magazine also features key information on industry and design events, a page devoted to creative inspiration, as well as a robust glossary of decor and design business terms. The Work of Design will publish new content on an ongoing basis, and all resources will remain available on the site to serve as an ongoing reference guide. “Our goal is to create a diverse set of resources that can help interior designers of all types, from residential to hospitality, and at any stage of their career from owners of large firms to design students just entering the field,” says Granet.

The Work of Design team will also produce virtual and in-person events on a regular basis to provide continuing education to design professionals. The inaugural webcast The Work of Design LIVE took place on July 19th and can be viewed here. We are also planning to hold another event in Fall 2022.

The Work of Design is now available at www.studiodesigner.com/the-work-of-design.

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