A look into StudioPay, our new integrated client payments solution created for interior designers

Traditionally, the process of handling payments in the interior design industry has been a cumbersome one. Clients were often required to navigate through multiple steps, including invoices, bank transfers, checks, or credit card payments, that involved entering their payment information repeatedly. The process created additional work for designers and their clients and introduced the possibility of errors and delays, proving that the old way is no match in the digital world we live in now.

We created StudioPay, a client payment solution built for the interior design industry, so designers and clients can accept payments efficiently. StudioPay offers design clients a seamless, easy, and secure payment experience in a single, user-friendly platform, making the design process more convenient and enjoyable than ever before.

One-Click Payments for a Streamlined Experience

As interior designers, incorporating ease of payment into your workflow can set you apart from the competition and demonstrate your commitment to providing a client-focused experience. While Studio Designer has been facilitating online payments for over two decades, we took it one step further with StudioPay’s one-click payment feature.

With just a single click, clients can complete their purchase, eliminating the need to spend time navigating payment forms or dealing with multiple authentication steps each time they need to make a payment. Clients can also be prompted to securely store their payment information to complete subsequent payments with a single click. This streamlines the payment experience, saving time, reducing the chances of payment-related issues, and minimizes the need for time-consuming corrections so payments are processed accurately.

The Power of Higher Transaction Volumes

Understanding transaction limits is one often overlooked feature in a payment solution that can significantly affect how you get paid. In fact, some of the most popular payment processors in the industry often limit the amount of funds you can collect in one payment or even in one day, causing delays and restrictions to order processing and project timelines.

At Studio Designer, we know how interior designers work; more importantly, we know how they receive and apply funds. Because of this expertise, StudioPay allows higher transaction volumes at the lowest processing fees in the industry. Designers can now receive funds for larger ticket items without fear of hitting payment thresholds. Due to payment limits, clients can skip the hassle and confusion of making multiple small transactions for one item or large project. This flexibility allows for seamless, tailored payment arrangements for clients. Since payment is handled in a single transaction, the process becomes more efficient and less prone to errors.

A Secure and Reliable Way to Pay

In 2022, the interior design industry witnessed a 30% rise in identity takeover and fraud events compared to the previous year. Against this backdrop, having a secure platform to process payments is vital in today’s business. StudioPay is built on a robust, secure platform backed by a certified bank network whose comprehensive suite of advanced risk management tools and features protects payment data and implements enhanced security measures to ensure financial safety.

This commitment to security builds trust and confidence in the platform and assures clients that their financial information is handled carefully, fostering trust and credibility in the designer-client relationship.

StudioPay is designed with the unique needs of interior designers in mind, making the process of collecting payments as effortless and efficient as possible for you and your clients. With one-click payments, high-volume transaction capabilities, and a secure platform, StudioPay paves the way for a seamless, effortless, and reliable client payment experience.

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