As a designer, it’s important to have an interior design software that streamlines collaboration between you and your clients. That’s why the Client Portal has become a favorite feature among the thousands of designers who use Studio Designer. Our designer users value how their clients are able to quickly access project details, approve proposals, and directly pay invoices all in a password-protected, secure online hub.

From the first Item proposed to the final install, the Client Portal boosts your overall project workflow and makes client collaboration a breeze. Featuring an all-new modern design that’s visually pleasing, faster, and more responsive, it delivers an elevated customer experience that will not only make you look good but will keep your design projects on track.

A Personalized Experience for Clients

Studio Designer’s client portal

Studio Designer’s Client Portal is your client’s custom hub where they can explore and complete every important detail of their design project like reviewing Items, approving Proposals, and making payments on Invoices.

With its new sophisticated design, the Client Portal welcomes your clients with personalized project cards that feature their name, your design firm’s logo, and an easy-to-read project summary that conveniently displays financials and any new proposals and invoices. From the start, project cards inform your clients on the status of their project.

Personalized project cards

Mobile Friendly For On-The-Go Business

With an all-new mobile responsive display, the Client Portal works great on any internet-connected Android and iOS device, allowing your clients to quickly access their projects from any desktop or mobile. Your clients can view projects, approve Proposals, and make payments anytime, anywhere.

The man using the Studio Designer application on his tablet and phone

Swift and Secure Payments

Client Portal makes it easy for designers to post Invoices and collect payments directly on electronic Invoices. Your clients can safely and securely make payments using credit cards, PayPal, and ACH bank payments at the bottom of all Invoices. On top of this, you can immediately make a payment after making the first payment and even pay on Proposals that haven’t been approved.

Payment page

Detailed Payment History and Receipts

The Client Portal keeps detailed records of every payment a client makes on an Invoice and Proposal. To make it easy for your clients to keep track of when and what they have paid on a project, a detailed payment history is displayed under each Invoice in the Client Portal. And as an added benefit, clients can quickly download a receipt as a PDF to keep for their own records.

Detailed payment history page

Studio Designer’s Client Portal transforms the way designers collaborate and conduct business with clients. With its speed, convenience, and modern look, it gives you the power to work with your clients every step of the way.

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